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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process when setting up a store?

    Once we determine your designs and apparel that will go in your store we handle setting up your store for you! Once we are done we give you a link that you can use.

  • How much does this cost?

    Setting up a store does not cost you anything! 

  • Can you ship directly to our students, family, and staff?

    Yes! As orders come in we will work on ordering everything, printing, packing, and shipping. IF you are wanting to everything to ship to your school at once we can do that to. We will determine what you are wanting prior to setting your store up. 

  • Is there a minimum order purchase?

    There is no minimum! 

  • How long does shipping take?

    We do our best to process shipping order with in 5 business days but we ask to tell your customers 7-10 days just to give some time for any errors. We would much rather get it to your customer quicker than they expect. 

  • Where are the products made?

    We have a massive list if items that include: apparel, blankets, stadium blankets, beach towels, drinkware, can coolies, totes bags, and hats. 

  • How much does a logo design cost?

    Creating your designs is part of our process that does not cost you anything. We will first set a phone conversation to go over what you are wanting. Then we will create mock ups and send them to you. Once you approve everything we will set your store up and get it ready for your launch date. 

  • Can we send you our logo?

    Yes! We can use your logo or any designs that you already have that you want us to print. 

  • Do you offer personalized items?

    Lots of school want personalized shirts and we can definitely do that. Typically that cost $1-$2 more depending on the product. 

  • How long do you suggest we keep our store open?

    We suggest keeping your store open for 3-4 weeks. 

  • What type of printing process do you use for your apparel?

    We screen print, DTG, DTF, and sublimate. It all depends on the type of apparel and the design. 

  • What sizes do you offer?

    Most of the apparel we use have S-3XL

  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    If we are shipping individual items to your customers we charge a flat rate. Shipping starts at $5